Need Help Getting Your Pool Ready for the Summer?

Need Help Getting Your Pool Ready for the Summer?

Hire Us for Reliable Pool Opening and Closing Service in the Linden, Woodbridge Township or Newark, NJ Area

We know you can’t wait to use your pool as summer approaches. Let NJJ Pool Installations open your pool so you can sit back and relax. When we arrive at your home, we'll:

  • Remove the cover
  • Hook up the filtration system and make sure it’s operating efficiently
  • Inspect your pool for cracks and other damages

Call us back to close your pool

As summer draws to a close, you need to prepare your pool for the winter. Hire NJJ Pool Installations to close your pool for you. We’ll remove the filter and hoses and treat your pool with chemicals. After that, we’ll put the cover back on and make sure your skimmer won’t leak during the winter.

Contact us for reliable pool closing service in Linden & Woodbridge Township, NJ and the surrounding areas.